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3 Ways To Use Your Kitchen Appliances That You Probably Don’t Know

As a person who lives in an apartment away from parents, dealing with our own meal could be the most pleasant thing to do in the world or the least (!?)

Since we wrote an article about 5 kitchen must-haves last week and keep saying cooking by yourself is always a good idea, I figure today I can share some of my “technique for common kitchen appliance/ tools” that will make cooking for you at home a lot easier.

I’m going to introduce some techniques on different common kitchen appliance/ tools that everyone should have easy access to it and teach you how to make the best used of it!

1.A Toaster Oven

I’m guessing that most of us have a toaster oven. We use it for toasting our morning bagels and heat up some cold bread. But do you actually know you can use that as a real “oven”!? You can preheat it and bake a cake or make your own cookie, it will be just as efficient as a normal oven but a lot smaller (means that you can save some electricity, and don’t need to clean up all the mess!). You can also use it to cook/ heat up your chicken, just in a smaller size. Another thing I usually do with toaster oven is to heat up my french fries! The benefit of using a toaster oven instead of a microwave to heat up fried stuff is it can not only make it warm again, but also crispy in the outside and soft in the inside.

2. Microwave

I don’t know about most of you, but to me, microwave is an essential to my life. We all know microwave for its heating function, but do you know you can actually use it to do more than that!? I cook and bake with my microwave as well! Just like most of the college students, I’m always racing against the time, and microwave really saves me A LOT of time and afford. I cook broccoli and egg with microwave the most. For broccoli, all we need to do is put chopped fresh broccoli, water and some salt in a microwavable box and put it in the microwave for 7 mins, and it’s cooked!! Same as the egg, mix all the ingredient in microwavable box (without water) and just microwave it 2-3 mins. You don’t even have to use the stove at all!! You can also bake with microwave. There are a lot of microwavable cupcake or brownie recipe online, they are all fairly easy and you don’t even need to preheat it! No baking technique is required.

3. Electric Kettle

I love hot water, hot tea and hot chocolate, especially in the winter. And please don’t think I am weird, there are actually studies show that drinking drinks hot is better to your body. Anyways, I love hot stuff and an electric kettle can do all of these! However, besides using it to make hot water, do you know you can also make soup, pasta and boiled egg with it as well!? You must be thinking I’m kidding, but I’m actually not! Use Electric Kettle the same way you use a pot. If you are cooking soup, put all of your ingredients in water and boiled it. When it’s fully boiled, put your soup powder in it and it’s done!! Same thing as making pasta. You put your noodles in the kettle and make the lid open (you also want to keep checking it). Put whatever souse you want in it when the noodle is fully cooked, and there’s your delicious pasta!!

Leave a common below, let me know what’s your secret techniques on using kitchen appliances!!


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