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Turning your apartment into a sanctuary during these frigid winter months

While this winter is projected to bring freezing temperatures, simple changes can be made to your apartment to make you never want to leave.


During these frigid winter months, students can find themselves longing the warmth of a crackling fireplace. Unfortunately, almost none of the apartment complexes around Harrisonburg offer this amenity. Fortunately, lighting a bunch of candles can create the same effect. I bought this candle from T.J. Maxx for only $7.99 and it has a wooden wick so it crackles just like a real fireplace.

Buy one from Amazon for $22.34


Hanging up curtains can make a bedroom feel much cozier. Choosing a sheer fabric allows as much sunlight in as possible during the day, which is sparse during these winter months. The fabric also acts as an extra layer of insulation between the window and your bedroom, which gives you the opportunity to save a little money on your heating bill.


Buy a pair at Target for $4.49

Throw blankets/pillows

Adding throw blankets and pillows to a couch can make it appear much cozier and welcoming. It’s likely you and your roommates will opt for movie nights to avoid going out in the cold. Throw blankets and throw pillows will make your couches much more inviting and enjoyable.


Buy this cable knit throw blanket from Target for $26.99

String lights

Hanging string lights allows you to avoid using the harsh overhead light fixtures in your bedroom. Overheard lights are often very bright and fluorescent which make the room appear cold. White string lights give off a warm glow which make your bedroom feel much more inviting and relaxing.


Buy a 50-ct set from Target for $2.49



By: Caroline Jansen


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