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Must-Have Cleaning Products for Apartment Living

Being on your own for the first time can be intimidating-especially when it comes to cleaning more than just your side of a dorm room. But having a few key essentials can help make the task of cleaning a little easier and little less of a chore.

1. Disinfectant Wipes

The all-around best tools to have in an apartment. From quickly wiping down a bathroom counter to cleaning off doorknobs to prevent the flu, these things always come in handy. Plus, they’re great for cleaning in a flash.

3-pack of Disinfectant Wipes

2. Paper Towels

The universal mess-cleaner, napkin, tissue, or whatever you need them to be at the moment. The list of uses for paper towels is never ending. You can even buy them in bulk packs, which is great if you’re like me and use at least 20 sheets a day. I make a lot of messes, okay?

Bulk Pack of Paper Towels

3. Swiffer Mop

For me personally, I’ve never even used one of those mops with a bundle of strings attached to the end that you ring out every time you go over the kitchen floor. A Swiffer mop is easy to use, easy to store, and gets the job done quickly and efficiently each and every time. Overall, an essential to keeping a clean apartment.

Swiffer Sweeper Mop for under $15

4. All-purpose Surface Cleaner

I think it goes without saying that this is an apartment staple. For cleaning off the counter after a Friday night meal at home or wiping off the dust from the desk that might not have been touched in a while… this stuff takes the dread out of cleaning (at least a little bit).

All-Purpose Surface Cleaner for under $3

5. Vacuum

If you’re anything like me, vacuuming is a chore that you like to put off for as long as possible. But if you’re tired of walking around on a layer of crumbs and strands of hair, a vacuum is the best cleaning tool to have. Even small ones do the trick. Just a few quick trips around the floor and your apartment will look as good as new in no time.

Dirt Devil Vacuum

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No one likes cleaning, but keeping just a few key items on hand can help make the dreaded task a little less dreadful! Happy cleaning, everyone!

Hannah Long

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Being Space-Savvy in a Tiny Bedroom Apartment


One of the biggest concerns new-apartment dwellers have when first moving in is how much or how little they will have to bring due to their small bedroom size. Will I have room for my bulletin-board collage of my friends from home? What about my beanbag chair I’ve had since middle school? My shot glass collection?

Truth be told, apartment bedrooms aren’t exactly presidential suites. But, there are a few ways to maximize what little space you do have so you have your dream room, even in a not-so-dreamy apartment building.

1. Desk Hutch

A dorm room staple found its home again. Desk hutches are great for storing school supplies, textbooks, knick-knacks, displaying photos, calendars… really, they can hold just about anything. Plus, with no assembly required and an easy push against the wall, these things free up you work space and are overall, a total win.

Desk Hutch for under $45 

2. Behind-the-Toilet shelf

If you’re lucky enough to have your own bathroom or even if you share with another person, these things come in handy, especially if your sink is lacking surface space. I treat mine as my medicine cabinet, my hair-care supply closet, and my makeup vanity. They easily slide in right behind a toilet so they hold all things imaginable without taking up what little bathroom space you have.

Behind-the-Toilet shelf for under $20

3. Under-the-Bed storage boxes

If you’re anything like me, you might have the tendency to bring more than enough clothes for school. Under the bed boxes are cheap, hold quite a large amount of clothes, and slide easily under the bed so they’re out of the way and allow you to continue to over-pack on those winter sweaters and many pairs of leggings.

Under-the-Bed storage boxes for under $20

4. Cube-style storage containers

These cube containers are both cute and useful. I use mine to hold DVDs and my textbooks and the best part is, I can throw all of laundry on top if it when I’m too lazy to put it away. For the price of it, it’s really a good buy.

Storage bin for under $15

5. Portable storage containers

I find that these have multiple purposes. I use them to store makeup bags for when I travel home, my hairdryer, school supplies that I don’t always need right away such as ink cartridges, and even feminine products. They can be kept insight or even stores away in a closet. They come in multiple shapes and sizes, and I even have a small one to keep all of my hairbands and bobby pins out of the way and in a place where I know I won’t lose them.

3-Drawer storage cart for under $12  

By: Hannah Long