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Textbooks and Textiles: How to incorporate your major into your bedroom design


Determining how to decorate your bedroom can sometimes be a daunting task. Choosing a theme that reflects your unique personality can be challenging when there are so many themes to choose form. Bohemian? Nautical? Preppy? Edgy? But what about choosing a theme that reflects something that you’re most interested in academically – your major.

SMAD majors

Enter Harrison Hall and you will often find students filming in the hallways for school projects. SMAD majors are a dedicated bunch that can be found behind the lens or with a pen and reporting notebook in hand frequently. To make the white apartment walls appear less sterile, hanging movie posters can make your space feel more welcoming. For journalism concentrations, try hanging headlines or portions or your favorite article from The New York Times or Washington Post. Bonus points if you write for The Breeze and create a collage on your wall to display all of your work.

Casablanca movie poster – $6.99

All the President’s Men movie poster – $14.99

Anthropology/Biology majors

For the students that spend endless hours in the lab examining living things, what better way to decorate your personal space than with animal prints. Some of you may cringe in memory of your zebra print comforter form middle school, but many companies have been taking the classic animal print and making it look a little bit more mature and sophisticated. Another great way to bring some life into your room would be with living plants. Adding low maintenance succulents in your room can create a calming environment without creating a lot of extra work for you.

Animal print throw pillow cover – $37.79

Succulent plant – $3.95

Art History

Studying old pieces of art can put some to sleep, but no art history majors. From the Renaissance era to the Romanticism era, this group loves analyzing the careful strokes of each art piece. Because many college students cannot afford to put the actual piece of art on their wall (Andy Warhol’s “Turquoise Marilyn” is valued at $80 million!), a great alternative is getting the print on a poster board. It’s much more affordable and easier to take down and transport if you move apartments. Frame the poster with a cheap frame from your local thrift store to give the artwork more legitimacy.

“Turquoise Marilyn” canvas – $20.81


English majors can often be found on The Quad or in Carrier Library reading a novel. To house the extensive library these majors have developed over the years, installing book shelves or investing in a desk hutch are space saving solutions. To add literary life to your bedroom decor, invest in throw pillows that feature some of your favorite classic novels.

Bookshelf – $19.99

The Catcher in the Rye throw pillow – $18.34